[REVIEW] Movie Five Steps To Love (Five Feet Apart)

Life is sometimes tough for many lives and we will know this through the film Five Steps Apart (Love Five Feet Apart). An ironic story of fate, it is unrequited love, the distance of distance brings challenges to the utmost.

What would you be like if one day you were no longer "close" to your loved one?

Movie Five Steps Apart To Love (Five Feet Apart)

Five Feet Apart is a love story between Stella (Haley Lu Richardson) and Will (Cole Sprouse) as they lie in bed with cystic fibrosis. They are close to each other and gradually develop a crush, but one thing, cystic fibrosis, makes Will and Stella unable to contact or touch each other.

Both must follow the 6-step rule strictly. It was all for the health of the two of them. The whole film highlights the wonderful affection of two people's hearts towards each other even though they cannot be close.

Lesson overcoming adversity

Overcoming adversity is one of the things we can do to make life happier and more optimistic. That's how the character Will when near his girlfriend and "situation" Stella They are two different people, one side of freedom and the other respect the discipline and the principle of any estate. Translate.

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But in such a tortuous situation, the young couple broke all laws and obstacles to give each other special affection. A sentiment does not need a kiss, a fist, but the most intimate thing is just based on each other. Deep inside the eyes of the two of them was a burning heart, a powerful internal force.

Back to the beginning of the movie, after days of boredom and giving up life, Will suddenly becomes happy to meet Stella. The one who turned the young 18-year-old's heart on fire after many gloomy days. To leave behind the boredom loss. The love of both are so beautiful, the love of the young couple creates a warm sky even though it looks so pitiful.

The saddest thing but ... the best we have for each other

The rule to create a distance with each other in a 5-step radius is fragile but extremely frustrating. Will and Stella broke the barrier a little further to reach love by taking one step less to be close. But still not enough.

Life has things that are difficult to express and describe, love is one of them. Facing the love and life of his beloved, Will accepted to leave Stella for her to live, live a peaceful life. It was the saddest thing Will planned to do in order to regain the best for Stella.

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But with the superficial youth, being loved is what they most want. Decide to bet your life to be close to your loved one, a kiss, a touch, a fist. And that life for two unfortunate people is to get them together, even just a little, enough for them to understand the value of the other person. In order for them to fully understand to the end and appreciate the affection that arises, giving each other all the best and most valuable things, even until it is time to leave each other.

You can see the two main characters similar to Hazel and Augutus in The Fault In Our Stars, or Will, Lou in Me Before You. The ironic tales of fate, all related to the hospital bed, or the wheelchair. But with Five Feet Apart, the ending and the emotional feeling are pretty good for the viewers.

Review Movie Next Step Apart (Five Feet Apart) by Nextphim

Actor Cole Sprouse won the hearts of the audience through the re-enactment of a tender Jughead Jones. The hotness of Cole has long been night to many advantages and is always responded by the audience. Through the film Five Steps To Love, Cole Sprouse once again pulled the audience to a large audience.

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In order to take on the role, Cole Sprouse had to lose weight to properly express the charisma of a sick person. Playing alongside him in Five Feet Apart is the female lead Haley Lu Richardson.

Decided To See

The Five-Step To Love film brings a sense of sediment, true feelings to everyone to see, you will have to stop crying, choking, cramping and then watching it all to the end that makes us more grateful regards two words more love.

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Even though life may never be complete for anyone, it can be extremely difficult, but there is still a bright path for you to want to trade something for it or not. The movie is for couples in love, watch it to love each other more.

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